We have gathered intelligence about Class C IPs in our previous article, now let’s discuss about SEO hosting. SEO hosting! Everyone is hearing these two words a lot in these days, obviously it’s a hosting, but why it’s so important now a days, why everyone is subscribing to this? What benefits it can bring to the web people? Let’s go through these briefly,

SEO hosting, the term SEO used here because this kind of hosting assist you to improvise a websites optimization with the increasing traffic and sales. This SEO hosting provider’s offer SEO friendly content creation service, Class C IPs / Multiple IPs, and few more services to support your SEO of the sites.

Why it’s important? How it works?

The importance of this hosting lies on the tricks of multiple/Class C IPs, when you are subscribing to a SEO hosting, you will get Multiple Class C IPs to host your sites.  These Class C IPs allows you to acquire links from the other sites you have, which works as camouflage for goggle, how? Let’s think generally first, For example, let’s say you have 30 sites and these sites link are linked to a specified website, we all know that’s superb for SEO. Now if these all sites are hosted on the same IP and if there’s a large link networking going on then Google may consider this in bad manner and possibly can penalize you, your sites even may get banned!

Here SEO hosting can save you, by hosting on different Class C IPs, you can camouflaged your sites linking network, create links between sites without the search engines finding out.

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3 thoughts on “What is SEO Hosting?”

  1. Awesome this would be great for people starting out that don’t have much SEO experience or people that have many sites that they want to link together. Thanks for clearing this up I had no idea what the difference between regular and SEO Hosting

  2. Great post! I don’t think many people realize the benefits of Class C IP’s and for that reason many people have lost precious networks to the hands of Google.

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