The Search Engine Optimization is that kind of method by which the rankings of search engine are enhanced because of the website. Two specific types of SEO’s are there and these are Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. The White Hat SEO maintains the rules and regulation of the search engines and does work consequently while the other one do not. Here is the clarification of the tips of advanced SEO for developing the rankings of search engine. These tips are:

A. The first and foremost matter of changing the page of the search engine is being smart and elegant on changes of page.

B. submissions of directory are thought as well known techniques of developing positions of search engine because of a website.

C. Posting of forum is another old and stylish way of getting a link of one’s website on such autograph of that specific forum.

D. Creation of Blog also increases the popularity of a search engine. But have to make sure that the blog posts are regularly published for the visitors.

E. Finishing the creation of the blog, it should be submitted in which will really provide a boost to one’s campaign of SEO.

F. Submission of Article is a great way for enhancing backlinks. But the article quality must be high.

G. Bookmarking of Social Media can also enhance the popularity of the search engine.

H. Creation of submission of RSS feed is very important for making one’s presence of website even more significant.

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