Main factor for Ranking – Content is the boss

Basically, Google use their unique algorithm to determine the ranking of websites. Mainly three factors that involves in this process – the content of website, Backlink and visitors otherwise called as traffic.

Today, we’ll talk about the first factor – the content of website

Content of website is not only for visitors but it also explains search engines like Google what the website is about. This is by far very important factor that boosts websites and rank them in top Google search result page. The other two factors that we talked about in above section are also important but the Content is much valuable factor that those two.

Any Contents of website which are original and covers the topic, and includes targeted keywords help that website to rank higher in search engines.

It is pretty straight forward philosophy – if you want to rank for your targeted keywords, you must include those search terms in the Content and the title of that page.

Anything that is related to the Content should be placed wisely. If you want to rank for ‘Car Insurance in Texas’ then you must include this term in your article. If you don’t use it, then needless to say that you website won’t be in Google page when visitor search for that term.

However, you may arrive in conclusion that if you spread the keywords all over on your Content then it would be ranked well. At this point, you are wrong. Because if you do that, your website will be penalized for overusing the keywords and you don’t want it to happen. Just use your keywords wisely and gracefully. First of all, Contents are for visitors and then for search engines. Never use only one keyword but use variation of keywords in the Content.

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