Web 2.0 helped internet to take steps to next avatar where users are the main focus and they read out the performance of website whether it is successful or not. Debates are still on what does mean Web 2.0. For the definition of Web 2.0, we can say that it has transformed the way of doing business on internet.

With redefining the web economy, Web 2.0 has aided technological interactivity among websites and services to reach a new level. In this extremely interactive environment, websites need interactive as well as advanced website design confirming Web 2.0 sensibilities. If you need to know some interactive website design tips so that your internet business can do more success here are tips that can help you.

  1. Your website needs to directly address the needs of the users as well as provide a podium to interact with them.
  2. Your website design needs to be simple yet graceful where the use of flash, navigation structure and the content scheme give the straight solution of the problems of your visitors.
  3. You should neatly distribute the content of your website and your website should be kept out form a messy look.

To achieve these, few things you need to keep in mind-

  1. Keep the things simple: Every web page has some purposes. Each element of a website should be relevant to those purposes. That means, unnecessary elements should be avoided in design.
  2. Clear Navigation is very important.


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