SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method to optimize your online site for boosting its usual web traffic. In this very article, we are going to know about a few SEO basics which will assist you in future to improve the ranking of your page on online search engines. A greatly SEO optimized online site ranks on top on online search engines and for this reason it gets a lot of online visitors & potential customers as well. Let us talk about some supportive SEO basics.

1. Keywords – Keywords are the mainly important element of search engine optimization (SEO). Google, Msn and Yahoo specially look at the keywords and make a decision about your page rank according to the keyword density. A number of supportive points you should remember to optimize your online site with keywords –

»Your online site has to contain the keywords in the Title of the web page, in the URL of the online site, at Header 1 (H1) and 3-4% keyword concentration throughout your web page.

» A number of keywords get extra online searches and others fewer. Selecting the keywords that are searched several times can catch more online visitors.

» A few keywords are more competitive and others fewer. If you can select those keywords that are fewer competitive then it can assist you to obtain a higher page rank on Google/ Msn/ Yahoo.

2. Back Links – Back links are another important element of off-site SEO fundamentals. You have higher chances to get on the top of the ranking if you get lot of back links.

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