Be at the first page of Google search result & get more traffic

The key issue when trying to earn money online is gaining web traffic or online visitors to your online site. You will be able to earn money online simply with advertisement sense or associate marketing if you know well the art of generating more traffic. Some fast and proven methods to boost web traffic are article marketing, pay per click and blogging at various websites. I will now make list of a number of valuable tips and tricks on how you can boost your web traffic.

Pay per Click (PPC) permits you to simply test your current market and is mainly used to draw targeted web traffic to your own website. This actually makes it an extremely important tool.

As Google is superior and better at its job than Yahoo, I advise starting out with Google. Other online search engines are actually not worth your effort or time. They actually don’t make enough web traffic.

You ought to try on large number of keywords, however not essentially the key ones. You should keep in mind that popular keywords will be the most costly ones for the reason that there is lots of rivalry for them. Don’t involve yourself into a bidding combat for the peak position for a keyword. You can simply get a lot of web traffic if you stay at the first page of the Google search. Keep your advertisements straightforward and you must read from beginning to end of the Google AdWords instructions sections. This actually helps out when you’re trying to make your advertisement. Keep in mind it should be an effort to get the online visitor to visit your online site, not purchase your product.


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  1. This is the ultimate goal for a SEO to ensure a site in first page of a search engine like google, yahoo, bing ang bring more trafic.. which very challenging. here this article is gist in this subject.

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